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More about Making Science Less WEIRD

What's so WEIRD about science?

CREDIT: Chu Enoki - RPM1200 - 2005Credit: Chu Enoki 2005

WEIRD is an acronym that describes the narrow subset of the world’s population that most scientific research is based on: people from populations that are Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic. These are individuals who are culturally, and often ethnically, similar to one another; they have similar values and ways of looking at the world; they tend to be financially secure and well-nourished; and they are typically exposed to high quality education for most of their development. Many of the most fundamental scientific discoveries in science, medicine, design and education are based on the behaviors, preferences, health, psychological and physical characteristics of WEIRD individuals ...

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How do we make science less WEIRD?

CREDIT: NASA Earth ObservatoryCredit: NASA Earth Observatory

Here at Making Science Less WEIRD , we aim to promote research practices that allow us to understand people from all cultural, social, and economic backgrounds. We focus on the modern potential of citizen science and crowdsourcing techniques to begin addressing the gap between the WEIRD and nonWEIRD. As the world becomes increasingly connected through the internet and social media, there are new opportunities for researchers and everyday citizen scientists from different backgrounds, all over the world, to connect and start sharing knowledge. As of 2012, 2.4 billion people worldwide had access to the internet and that number is only increasing, especially in developing countries ...

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